Connections - is an exciting puzzle game that will not leave you indifferent. Take the challenge and improve your logic and thinking. Demonstrate your intelligence by combining words into groups.

The player can spend hours solving interesting puzzles and enjoy the results. You can play Unlimited times, just click on the New Game button!

Rules of the game

The player's task is to group words into four groups. All words are located on a 16-cell board. Each of them contains one word.

Look at all the words and try to combine the concepts by common characteristics, such as music styles, synonyms for the word, or components of the same concept.

Connections game rules

Sometimes some words may belong to two categories or groups, which will make you think and test your luck. The player will have to take a risk to form the correct group.

To combine words into groups and categories, click on the words. When four concepts are selected, send the words. By clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom.

Connections game combine words

The player is allowed four mistakes. Once all attempts have been used up, you have to start the game over.

An additional key is available to deselect a choice. Click on the Deselect button in the middle and make the correct choice by replacing the word.

Connections game right word

If you choose the right word, all the concepts will disappear from the playing field and will be displayed on a coloured box at the top of the screen.

Additionally, an explanation of the principle behind the concept and the name of the category will appear above the words.

Connections game - found group of words

Once all four groups of words are matched, the game is won. Wait for the next task, which appears once a day.

Connections game won

Puzzle word game

The puzzle will be an ideal trainer for those who want to improve their vocabulary, improve their logic and practice.

Each game prepares new categories and groups of words that differ in subject matter. This approach will not make you bored. The game will take a minimum of time, but will give you maximum enthusiasm and emotions.

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